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What’s Your Brand

The other day I walked into Walmart to get dessert for a women’s luncheon (please don’t judge me – it was the best use of my time). Walmart’s brand, “Save Money Live Better”, was posted everywhere. It’s easy to remember. It’s short. It tells you everything Walmart wants you to know. If you come to their store and buy their items, you will get what you need at a less expensive price than you will pay somewhere else, thus you will have more money to spend on other things that you really want to buy. You will be happier because you shopped at Walmart. Save Money Live Better. Whew, Walmart is awesome. Looking at their brand made me consider, what is my ‘brand’ as a Christian woman? What is a succinct phrase that is easy to remember to remind me of my life goals? If someone were to come up and ask me to tell them in ten words or less, “What is your life all about?” What would I say? “Hi, I’m a wife and a mom. I love my family. I care about my extended family. I have sweet friends I try to spend time with. My ministry for the past two decades has been to encourage women to study the Bible and I like to love on them.” It’s much too wordy and not concise. What I finally came up with is - Love Jesus, Make Disciples. That’s it. Pretty simple. And yet it encompasses so much. Love Jesus. If I love Him and remember His sacrifice for me and my sins, I am overwhelmed. When I love Jesus, I am reminded of His love for me. I want to be more like Him. When I read the Bible I find His character traits I want to emulate. He is prayerful, committed, patient, loving, compassionate, forgiving, humble, gentle, a servant and has self-control. When I work to become more like Him, how can I not love others? Even those that are not so easy to love. So, Love Jesus becomes: Love Jesus and love others. And when I love others they may want to get to know why I care about them. Make Disciples. How do I do that? I have children, so they can be the first line of disciples, but what about after that? I’ve met many women at Bible Study. I run into acquaintances at school, at my children’s activities, at ball games, at the grocery store, and in my neighborhood. It takes opening my mouth and saying hello. A friend of mine recently gave a talk at a Women’s Retreat. She began by sharing that, as an introvert, it was almost painful for her to initiate conversation. Through the years she’s come up with these good, non-threatening questions to start a conversation. Do you mind if I ask you a spiritual question? Hey, when you were a kid growing up, did you go to church? At this point in your life, do you feel like you are moving closer to God, further away or just kinda neutral? Is that where you want to be? Have I ever shared my spiritual story with you? These questions are great, and she made it sound easy. She told us she practiced her testimony and her answers for the previous questions. She was prepared. So here’s a query for you. What is your brand? If you had to define your life goals in a few short words, what would they be? What would your spouse, your children or your friends say if they had to name your brand? This world is getting tougher to live in as a Christian and it’s good for us to encourage and inspire one another. If you want to share, I would love to hear your answers. Love Jesus – Make Disciples.
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Margo Bodishbaugh
Margo is a writer, speaker, and actress. She lives in Northwest Arkansas with her husband, Matt, of twenty-six years, and has three daughters. Her mission is to encourage women in their relationship with Christ through creative communication. She is passionate about being intentional, and she’s at work on her first novel.

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