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Victoria’s Artwork

I call these the "Jesus on the Beach Series" because each setting and caption reminds me of the peace that comes from those two things...Jesus, and the beach. Lately, God's been teaching me what it means to be loved and pursued by my Creator. I've also learned what it looks like to truly love and pursue Him in return. One of the ways that He pursues my heart is through the intense colors of the setting sun. Another is the quiet tranquility of a sunrise over a vast coastline. Perhaps the most majestic way He speaks to me is through the endless crashing of the ocean - it reminds me of His nature. Wild, always changing, always surprising, yet beautiful, timeless, and ageless. The ocean always was and always will be - just like God's love for me. My reply to this constant message of His strength on my behalf is to paint. It is my tiny gesture of love and worship, for a God who deserves so much more.
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About Victoria Tilahun

Victoria Tilahun
Victoria is an artist who lives in Sterling with her husband, Tilahun. They met in Ethiopia which is where she found the inspiration for her orphan portrait series. To inquire more about Victoria's work or to commission a painting, contact her on Facebook.

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