November 2015 Final Issue
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Life Adjustments

On his way home, my husband Daniel asked about my weekend. I recounted tales of birthday parties and soccer games, bedtime tantrums, bickering at the beach, and pizza eaten in the bed of a pickup truck. “So, you spent your ...

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Got your attention, didn’t I? Thought I might. Sex sells. We see it everywhere. It’s used to sell products from mouthwash to cars to sandwiches. The Internet is full of it. We also see sex itself for sale, in the ...

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Running On Empty

Fortunately, I’ve only run out of gas one time. I was young, in college, and working two jobs. Stopping to refill my tank was a huge inconvenience. Hence, it’s no surprise that one day my little Toyota Corolla ran out ...

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Why The Battle Is Worth Fighting

I thought it was a simple question. “God, I have no idea what You could possibly want me to write about “women at war”…but if there is something You would have me say, would You please tell me what it ...

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