November 2015 Final Issue
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Goodbye From The Kingdom Life Now


The Kingdom Life Now began on a cold February morning when God said to Betty, “I want you to start a women’s online magazine.” It was funny…very funny in fact. At that point she could barely get into her Gmail ...

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I Knew It Was A Gift From God (part 1)


After losing my ability to sing three years ago, darkness became a constant companion. After years of traveling, singing, and writing songs with my husband, my song had been stolen. Darkness enveloped my days until a friend suggested I find a ...

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A Season of Becoming


The first time he asked me for my phone number, I said no. Didn’t even hesitate. I knew it wasn’t what I wanted; he didn’t have the same vision of life – of faith – that I did. It wouldn’t ...

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Appreciation Brightens Change


Every year during the last week of September, my husband begins the process of preparing our pool for its season of rest. After completing the necessary preparations of removing handrails, a diving board and stairs, he hunts me down for ...

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The Gift of Godly Girlfriendship


It’s the test of any girlfriend relationship: the vacation without husbands or kids or other friends to cushion the shock of twenty-four hours together. On the ocean. In a cabin. For seven days. A cruise to Alaska was something Cindy ...

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Ministry Update: Education Is Freedom


Victor Hugo once said, ”He who opens a school door, closes a prison.” Since returning home from Cambodia this past spring, my vision to build a schoolhouse for sex-trafficked girls became a priority for me and OneVOICE4freedom. In less than ...

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What’s Your Brand


The other day I walked into Walmart to get dessert for a women’s luncheon (please don’t judge me – it was the best use of my time). Walmart’s brand, “Save Money Live Better”, was posted everywhere. It’s easy to remember. It’s ...

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