November 2015 Final Issue
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The Key to Being Victorious


Sixteen months have gone by since my husband took his life one fateful day in November. Ours was the perfect love story, but somewhere along the line things went terribly wrong. My husband got very sick, dissociating from me and ...

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Power In Parable Series (2 of 7)


This is an invitation to journey through the parables. This will be a series that runs over the course of many issues. Please click here  for all the articles in the Power In Parable series.   Since at least one-third of the “red letter” ...

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The Impact Of A Pair Of Shoes


The OneVOICE4freedom mission to stop child sex trafficking in Cambodia this past February was a tremendous success! Thanks to the support of people like you, we were not only able to meet our lofty goals, but we far exceeded them! ...

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Hey Momma, Let Me Show You Something


God’s Word stands firm forever… except when you have a baby. I had no reason to think this way, to struggle to survive with such an erroneous perspective. Words I’d never say out loud but somehow came to believe. It ...

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How Does Your Garden Grow


Mary, Mary, quite contrary how does your gardenia grow? How should I put this? Not well. I bought several gardenia bushes, planted them in my back yard, and each subsequently died. I live in Northwest Arkansas and the winter weather ...

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How To Fail In 10 Easy Steps


I remember the day I stood at the far end of the gym by the weight racks and heard our Crossfit trainer say, “Today, we’re going to learn how to fail.” Excuse me?! I thought, What do you mean, “Learn ...

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Bobcats In The Road


Sometimes you drive down the road and pass a bobcat. True story Six or so years ago, my son and I traveled down a busy road in Keller, Texas. Lounged in the middle of a four lane thoroughfare, as if ...

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Grace Thinking


Recently, I was presented with an opportunity to share what I call Grace Thinking: learning to think well of others with my two almost teenage daughters. What is Grace Thinking? It is when we think well of others when something ...

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