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The Color of Love


When the editors of The Kingdom Life Now approached me about writing an article about racism and the Kingdom, I readily accepted. Now I’m second-guessing myself. As we’ve seen in recent weeks and months, just the very mention of the ...

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Hallowed Is Your Name


Do you have a nickname? I have several friends named Kim. Short name, only three letters. But one likes to be called Kimba, and another prefers Kimmy. One uses her full name, Kimberly, and yes, one does prefer Kim. My ...

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The Victory of the Cross


As we approach Easter, many of us are observing Lent in some way, either by participating in an act of self-deprivation or by dedicating ourselves to Bible study and prayer. We do these things to remind ourselves of the sacrifice ...

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Breaking Down Cultural Prejudice


A few years ago, I had the opportunity to visit Israel and Palestine. Today most Westerners avoid adding many of the historical sites located in Palestine to their Holy Land Itinerary because they fear the violence there. But the group ...

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Grudge, Be Gone


I remember the first fight James and I had as newlyweds. I was not a good cook, but I had acquired a secret weapon to aid my culinary cause: a brand new George Foreman Grill. It looked easy enough – ...

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The Chaos of Cancer


When I was just 37 years old, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I remember thinking: This can’t be happening! I don’t have time to have cancer. I am perfectly healthy with no risk factors for cancer and absolutely no ...

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Removing the Blinders


Even though I grew up in a period of great political and social upheaval, little of it filtered through me. I have no recollection of racism or racial incidents from elementary school through college. Forced integration had happened. I attended ...

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You Don’t Have Any Color


Shortly before she passed away last year, my mom recounted a story to me. Although I had heard the story before, in hearing it again, I was reminded of my mother’s deep desire to do her small part to bring ...

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