November 2015 Final Issue
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Life Adjustments


On his way home, my husband Daniel asked about my weekend. I recounted tales of birthday parties and soccer games, bedtime tantrums, bickering at the beach, and pizza eaten in the bed of a pickup truck. “So, you spent your ...

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Power in Parable Series (3 of 7)


This is an invitation to journey through the parables. This will be a series that runs over the course of many issues. Please click here  for all the articles in the Power In Parable series.   Last month in Power in Parable Part 2 ...

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Resenting God’s Generosity


I’ve come to better appreciate three realizations in the last few months. I really can’t achieve a “life to the full” (John 10:10) on my own. I need God. A life to the full really can’t be achieved through a ...

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Waiting for Jedidiah


The early morning light piercing through the curtain flooded into the room and woke me from my drug-induced sleep. I glanced around the room, momentarily confused by my surroundings. The memory of the previous day spilled into my mind. Desperate ...

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Hang On, Girl


The Saul-to-Paul conversion-type testimonies have always captivated me. God’s transforming love gets me every time. Seeing the metamorphosis is a beautiful experience. But that is not my story, folks. No, when I was five, I repented of little girl sins ...

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The Zoe Tree


The Village of Too Much To Do was a village like all the rest. There were things to do and people to see. Everyone was very busy and had more to do than time in the day. Each morning when the ...

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Weakness Redefined


Growing up in my family, weakness was unacceptable. In my father’s eyes, weakness equaled failure and failure was not an option for him or his children. The world further amplified this belief with sayings like: Only the strong survive. It ...

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The Light Show


A friend recently asked me how I fit a quiet time into my busy life. In this month’s column I’ll describe a recent event and how it changed my outlook on quiet times. This term may be unfamiliar to some. Many people call ...

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