November 2015 Final Issue
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Don’t Waste Your Summer


I think it’s interesting that we refer to time as something to be spent, as if it is a type of currency. When we choose to spend our time one way, we are also choosing how we are not going ...

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Head vs. Heart Knowledge


Before my conversion, I’d listen to a sermon and think to myself: I know this. And, to be honest, I did know it. After my conversion, my thoughts changed from I know this to The Lord is speaking to me ...

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The Wailing Wall


Do you feel the need to weep and mourn at times? That you need a safe place to let out your heartbreak, angst, and disappointment? The Western Wall – known commonly as the Wailing Wall – in Jerusalem has served ...

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Power In Parable Series (4 of 7)


This is an invitation to journey through the parables. This will be a series that runs over the course of many issues. Please click here  for all the articles in the Power In Parable series. Each Biblical parable reveals more of God’s character to ...

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Race And The Church


“Now is the time to lift our nations from the quicksand of racial injustice to the solid rock of brotherhood.” Martin Luther King Quicksand: that’s what writing about race and the church feels like. Where is the rock on which ...

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Exposing My Biggest Fear


Bugs. Crabs pinching my feet. Sharks. Sparklers. Snakes. Psychopaths. These are all things (or people) of which I am afraid and don’t mind admitting to myself. However, if I am honest, they really aren’t my greatest fears. They do not keep ...

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I sat down to write this article the day after my uncle died. He was my mother’s only sibling. My mother is deeply saddened he is no longer here and mourns with his wife and children, but she knows he ...

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A Model For Suffering


As I’ve talked to and prayed with several women in recent weeks about painful situations in their lives, I have found myself thinking about a truth that was shared with my mother many years ago by a great lady named ...

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