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A Thrilling Invitation


“Jesus, please make me uncomfortable.” Wait, where did that come from? How did that slip out? Let’s try this again. “Jesus, please give me all the things I want, at the proper time that I have appointed, and please try ...

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The Promise Of Pearls


There is a sweet moment when you first wake up; a moment when your mind hasn’t caught up with your heart. It’s a moment when heartache has yet to permeate your thoughts. On Christmas morning in 1996, I wanted that ...

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Embracing This Season


Moms, I get it. I really do. Our plates are full with diapers and car pools, baby food and homework help, cleaning toilets and going to the grocery store (or is that just me?). These are the Really Important Things ...

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Love In A Different Mirror


Several years ago when my younger sister was pregnant with twins, I was invited to a baby shower in her honor. It was held at a small church in Northwest Arkansas, but when we arrived we found the facility had ...

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Behind The Velvet Curtain


I was raised in the Catholic Church. In the Catholic tradition, I made my first confession when I was in first grade. I spent hours rehearsing for this momentous occasion. Even at the age of six, I knew it was ...

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More Trust in 2015


I looked 90 years old. Here I was in beautiful Colorado, and I needed an oxygen tank in a fanny pack strapped to my side because I was literally gasping for air. Utterly exasperated, I knew I looked ridiculous. I ...

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The Seven-Step Dance To Freedom


One day, while driving to work, a song came on the radio. Knowing the song well, I began to sing along. I had never had any qualms with the words or intent, but this time was different. For the first ...

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Being A Mom Means


A friend, who has a toddler and a hip baby, recently asked me how I got from where she is to where I am. My daughters are nineteen and sixteen. They are capable, lovely young ladies, who seem to need ...

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Life From A Kid’s Point Of View


Let me start out by saying this: most parents underestimate kids. But we really aren’t that different. For starters, my mom is always telling me that my dad does the same things as me. In the Bible, there are many ...

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Filling The Donut “Whole”


About 15 years ago, my husband was out in the woods having a three-hour quiet time for several days in a row because of a bet in his men’s small group. That bet, which required each man to accumulate five ...

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