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18 Inches


My world is 18 inches My life is a face I live and breathe her love for me Across that 18 inch space My world is 18 inches My future in her hands For I am always asking her Of ...

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Parenting Kids Into Freedom


Parenting well is the gateway to our future generations. We have the privilege to alter the destiny of the future through our diligence and ability to parent into and out of freedom. Here are a few tips to help you ...

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Service The Way Jesus Does It


Small children in Sunday School classes are taught about serving others. Sermons have been preached, books have been written, and seminars have been offered on how to serve others. And yet too often, we see serving as a way to ...

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Come, Follow Me


Throughout our college years, a friend and I did a lot of line dancing. Twice a week, we’d pull on whichever cowboy boots had the least amount of horse poop on the bottoms and head out for some fun. We ...

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Collective Shout Interview


Collective Shout is a grassroots campaigning movement against the objectification of women and sexualisation of girls in media, advertising and popular culture. What would you like our readers to know about your organization? How does your organization empower young people? ...

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The Hero & The Sidekick


Imagine the classic movie scene where the hero is dangling from a cliff’s edge. You’ve seen it a hundred times. Fingers straining to find a crack, a niche, anything to cling to. Sweat dripping, the strong, confident visage suddenly overcome ...

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How You Became You


“Join us on a journey through the story of how you became, well, YOU!” ( seems like the perfect way to discover your genealogy. Their website provides access to hundreds, if not thousands, of records that offer you a ...

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A Glorious Becoming


Satan, who is the liar of all liars, will use any means possible to try to convince you to shrink from the abundant life Jesus came to give you. The truth is that you are not from a family that ...

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