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An Acrobat With A Destiny


I walked into my eleventh grade English class and took my assigned seat. Mr. Perrault sat silently at his desk. The whole school was aware of what had happened to his family. Today was his first day back since the ...

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The Cave


I found myself lost in a cave. I guess I had been drawn there to escape the wandering and the overwhelming sense that I could not find my way. I had lost my way because of the hurt that I ...

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Keep Calm Build Bridges


It was a hot summer afternoon and I had just finished my shift as a short order cook/waitress. I had worked this same job throughout high school and during college breaks when I was home. One last summer course was ...

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When I Run


I run. Notice, I did not say, “I am a runner.” The reason I don’t call myself a runner is that I am in denial. You see, I hate running. I’m sure many of you can relate. My relationship with ...

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Take My Hand


Take My hand and walk with Me to the other side of your grief and fears. Be a child again. Walk beside Me and trust Me. You never used to worry about where you were going when you were a ...

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Growing in Our Purpose


Destiny and purpose are funny words because everyone seems to have their own definition of what they mean. Some people say that you have a specific future. Others talk about “changing your fate,” implying that it is in your control ...

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From Grief to Healing


I’m a pastor’s kid, which means, I’ve been in church since before I was born. In fact, I can’t remember a time when God wasn’t a part of my life. I grew up with a great sense of His presence ...

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15 Minute Refrigerator Dinner


If you’re anything like me, deciding what to have for dinner can be a challenge. There are nights when “real life” happens and I find myself asking the same question that I really want to avoid: What can I make for ...

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