November 2015 Final Issue
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Staff Favorite Picks

The past year has been such a blessing to everyone on staff at TKLN. We want to thank each of our contributors for sharing their time and stories with us. While we gained wisdom and insight from every article, there were some that spoke to us as individuals. Here are our favorites. Betty's Choice: All of the articles have been amazing this year. It's hard to pick just one (I'm questioning why I made the rule we could only pick one!). But choose one I must. To me the most meaningful article we published this year is the article Tommy Briggs wrote called "The Orphan Within Us". I lived most of my life not knowing who I was and why I was here. Long before Tommy wrote for our magazine he became a spiritual father to me. God has used him in many ways to heal the orphan within me. His article reinforced everything he's taught me through the years. Stacy's Choice: Although I learned something from every article we published this year and especially loved Jan Greenwood's 'Creating Powerful Female Relationships,' every time I see the banner for the Taking a Stand issue I am moved. Sunita's beautiful face cries out to me to do something while there is time. Reading Leslie Weehunt's article 'Standing Together in the Aftermath' made me sad and angry. As she tells Sunita's story I am sad, then hopeful and then sad again. It is a beautiful story that makes me want to do something about the horrible scheme of human trafficking Satan has unleashed on the earth. As Leslie says there are many organizations that we can support - financially and prayerfully. But we can also look for those in our local areas that are vulnerable to this type of abuse and step in to change their situations. Nichole's Choice: My favorite article is “An Acrobat With A Destiny” by Betty Ringeisen. There’s something extra special about reading the words from the heart of a friend. I feel as if she has shared another part of herself with me through her written story for our magazine. Betty has been a key component in my journey of freedom and has become a dear friend and ministry partner. From the first paragraph, she drew me into her journey, talking about a few of my favorite topics of identity and destiny and weaving into it the original Acrobat story from another one of my favorite teachers, Bob Hamp. If you need a place to start on the path of healing and wholeness, look no further. Kim's Choice: The article Thankful for the Hard Names by Ava Pennington is one of my favorites. It is interesting to me how Our Father displays so many different characteristics and yet desires us to know Him intimately. He continues to reveal Himself to us through His Word and our circumstances. Brooke's Choice: How can I choose just one? Since I’m being forced to choose, I choose “Creating Powerful Female Relationships” by Jan Greenwood from the “Women at War” April issue. Not only does she mention a childhood heroine of mine – Wonder Woman – but she also makes excellent points about how we as women struggle with relationships with one another. It does not help that the media negatively portrays women and that young women believe lies about themselves which leads to harmful behaviors towards each other. God has done quite a bit healing in this area for me and has changed my view of the true feminine. Jan Greenwood’s article highlights some great reminders of the lessons that God has been teaching me. Michelle's Choice: I really enjoyed Paul Mulgrew’s '18 Inches.’ He has a way of writing that really breaks through to the heart. As a mother of three young children, I am not far removed from those days of holding them and nursing them. Paul’s poem struck a chord in my heart.
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