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Selah With Sarah: An Intro

Greetings. My name is Sarah Bramblett. I’ll be contributing monthly to The Kingdom Life Now in this column beginning January 2015. The idea of writing a column of some sort has been percolating in me for quite some time. Many years ago, I had a sense that the Lord was going to have me encourage younger moms and wives with the wisdom that I learned from my mom. I’ve been doing this now for years in a personal or group setting but sense it’s time to extend this ministry to this written form. For the “mature” crowd, this column will be styled in the Dear Abby genre with a simple question and answer format. Readers will submit questions, and I’ll do my best to provide practical, godly counsel. This counsel will come from a biblical perspective, from the wonderful example I enjoyed from my parents, especially my mom, and from my own practical experience raising children ranging from 10 years old all the way up to their upper 20s. I’ll share what has worked and, maybe as importantly, what hasn’t worked in my experience. Just about any topic is fair game including family, children, teens, marriage, health, sexuality, abuse, relationships, ministry, healing, freedom from addictions and emotional disorders, etc. If topics are submitted that I’m not well versed in, I’ll find an expert or pass on commenting. Picture this: You and I are sitting on my front porch swing in the evening with coffee and candles lit, having a conversation about life’s joys, sorrows, questions, and difficulties. This will be the feel of this column. To that point, examples of some of the recent swing conversations I’ve had with women lately include:
  1. My baby is almost one, when should we start to use discipline?
  2. How do I balance ministry and marriage?
  3. How can we know we are hearing God correctly?
  4. How do you discuss trafficking with mid-schoolers?
  5. My husband and I are so different. What can I a avoid fearing an empty nest?
I’ll tell you a little bit about myself to make you feel more comfortable sitting on the porch swing with me. I go by many names. My given name is Sarah, my kids call me Mom, my kids' friends call me Momma B, and my newest name is Nana. I have five amazing children: older and younger, married and in elementary school, one in college, girls and boys, adopted and by birth, and one awesome god-daughter. I have two wonderful daughters-in-law and one precious granddaughter. I have homeschooled for 21 years and, yes, I did the denim jumpers with animal button covers. In recent years, a friend who loves leopard print has helped me find my artsy and athletic style. I have been married almost 30 years to my college sweetheart, and we continue to grow in grace and understanding. I’m a city girl, but sure do love my backpacker, outdoorsy husband. I love to paint and create, and on occasion, devour a book in four hours. I moved 11 times - all over the U.S. and twice to Israel. My dad was a General and Airborne Ranger in the military, a writer, a pastor for 30 years, and has had a life-long calling to see Christians supporting and loving the Jewish people. He is a great man with a shepherd’s heart. My mom was an amazing artist, teacher, writer, mentor, and friend. With parents like these, I was gently mentored throughout my life. I was able to ask questions, struggle through dark times, and receive comfort for my weary soul. Truth sets us free to be all that God created us to be. I hope to pass on that love, gentle mentoring, comfort, truth, and wisdom in this column. Finally, a word about the term “Selah.” Selah has several meanings: “to measure or weigh in the balances,” referring to wisdom, to pause, to praise and to lift up. Wherever Selah is written in the Bible, it means to pause and listen or to worship. I love the Old Testament, the Hebrew language, and the symbolism in the Jewish culture. I hope we can pause together and consider truth from the Bible, testimonies of mine and others, hard questions, and that we can find hope and freedom for the journey. Please submit your questions here. I am looking forward to hearing from you! . Grace and Shalom, Sarah
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About Sarah Bramblett

Sarah Bramblett
Sarah Bramblett has been married to Todd, her college sweetheart, for 30 years. They have five children, two beautiful daughters-in-law, and one precious granddaughter. Sarah is a homeschool mom, avid reader, an artist, and a beginner triathlete who loves to cook, entertain, and win at charades. She has a passion to teach women the truth of God's Word and pass on what was given to her by her godly parents. She specifically feels led to nurture and care for women and their families, encouraging them to see their important callings as daughters, sisters, mothers, and friends.

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    I’m so excited about this column!

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