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Raising Mommy

Last week I was getting Zack ready to go to Sci-Quest for the second time in three days. My boy loves science. He walked into Sci-Quest and stood in front of the giant marble run for fifteen minutes. He was mesmerized. You could see his little mind trying to figure out how it all worked. How the blue balls go through the twists and turns and how the red balls move through their maze. "Look Mom, see how that one jumps. How does it go through the twist part?” So many questions for an almost five-year-old boy who was obviously cut from the same cloth as his engineering daddy. The following week I was getting him dressed to return to his childhood utopia. We had an interesting conversation about how his father and I love to nurture his creativity. We take him to Sci-Quest and the Space and Rocket Center. We buy him Legos and marble runs. We let him build squirrel traps with Daddy's left over wood. All because God has told us to train up our child in the way he should go…. Proverbs 22:6 (My Pastor, David Thew, once taught Jeff and me that that passage meant to train him according to his bent.) That morning, I knelt in front of my son and lovingly explained to him (in five-year-old language) that we were doing all this fun stuff because our job as his parents was to guide him towards his destiny. We wanted him to grow up and follow God’s plan for his life. He smiled, gave me a hug, and ran out the door excited to get to his destination quickly. While he was running around having fun, I got a message that touched a nerve. I learned that a friend had been given a gift. Before I realized it, I was questioning God’s work in my life. Why did some folks end up with so many blessings and I seemed to be missing out? And then I got more specific. Why didn’t I have a bigger family? Why does God add children to some families and not to mine? Because I have been totally content with our small family, I didn't understand why I was having a problem. I was talking to God about it in my head when I sensed God say, "Judy, I am raising you up according to your bent." I was struck by the words. As a forty-one year old woman, I had never thought of myself as being raised up by God in a way that was intentional to who I am and how He created me. It was a revelation that changed my perspective. Often, we are tempted to look at the blessings of others and wonder if God has forgotten us. We wonder why God gives a friend a great job while we remain unemployed. Why does the family with four children seem to easily get pregnant while I only have one child? Why do we struggle financially and the neighbors are going to Disney again this year? Blah blah get the point don’t you? I’m sure you have your own set of “why” questions that you struggle with from time to time. I want to remind you, as the Father reminded me: He is raising you up according to the way you are bent. Rather than comparing yourself or comparing your life to others, remember God cares about YOU! He knows what He is doing and why He is doing it. He has a perfect plan in mind for you. He knows what is best for you because He was the One who created you. He knows the way you are bent because He bent you. Just as we nurture Zack according to the way he is bent, God nurtures me. I am uniquely created by Him, and He is leading me to places that best take me down the path to my destiny. Girlfriends, join me today in saying to God, "I trust you with my life and heart. I trust You are raising me up according to the way I should go. That path looks different for me than it does for my sister, but it is good and it is uniquely mine and I gladly walk it with You Father. Fill me with the grace to walk it with You!"
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About Judy Webb

Judy Webb
Judy's passion is to see people have a bigger view of God. In a world that values self esteem Judy values God esteem. Judy invested sixteen years in youth ministry in the States, Korea, and Germany. For the past six years she has led women's ministry in her church. Judy enjoys writing and teaching God's word. You can find her blog at She enjoys growing vegetables, walking on mountains, playing games with her family, and going out to lunch. She is wife to Jeff, mother to Zack, and a foster mom to whoever Jesus brings her way.

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  1. Thank you so much. This really spoke to my own struggles with contentment.

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