November 2015 Final Issue
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OneVoice4Freedom Shoe Campaign

The Kingdom Life Now is partnering with OneVOICE4freedom to fight sex trafficking. We have joined their campaign to buy shoes for children who are at risk of becoming victims of sex traffickers in Cambodia. As the world's fastest growing criminal industry, human trafficking affects every nation across the globe. There are over 4.5 million victims of this horrible industry. Surprisingly, the average age of a victim is 12 years old. Traffickers target vulnerable children and desperate families, they use violence, lies, false promises, or debt bondage to lure or buy children and they make them sex slaves. Life for a victim of sex trafficking is an incomprehensible evil. The Kingdom Life Now supports OneVOICE4freedom and their mission to educate and to build awareness in areas of Cambodia that are at highest risk to being approached by sex traffickers. Amazingly, just $3 buys a pair of shoes for a child in one of these high risk areas of Cambodia. How does one pair of shoes make a difference? Many of the people in rural Cambodia cannot afford shoes. When OneVoice4freedom arrives, word gets out they are giving away shoes. Entire families walk for miles to receive a pair of shoes for a child in their family. In order to receive the shoes, they have to sit down and listen to Nicole Braddock Bromley, founder of OneVoice4freedom, give a presentation on child sex trafficking and the Gospel. At the end of the presentation each adult is asked to make a pledge to not sell their children to traffickers. Our goal is to provide a pair of new shoes to 200 Cambodian children, enabling Nicole to educate 200 families. We invite you, our reader, to join us in this important work. Please click here .... to buy 1 pair of shoes. The Kingdom Life Now, OneVOICE4freedom, and YOU represent the voice of The Kingdom. Thank you for your support, The Kingdom Life Now
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