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I Knew It Was A Gift From God (part 1)

After losing my ability to sing three years ago, darkness became a constant companion. After years of traveling, singing, and writing songs with my husband, my song had been stolen. Darkness enveloped my days until a friend suggested I find a new way of expressing my creativity. That’s when I began to paint. And that’s when I discovered that God makes beautiful things from our darkness. Excited about discovering a beautiful new gift in the midst of my dark night, I decided to paint a series of Moonflowers. I knew that these beautiful flowers only bloomed in darkness. And I was very much aware that my darkness - that of losing my singing voice – led me to discover a new voice using a paintbrush. Amazed by the mercy God had shown me through my dark night, I began to invoke His presence when I painted. I would light a candle and invite the God of All Creation to use me for His glory. For several weeks I painted and prayed until the Moonflower series was complete. And then I posted the paintings on my website with this statement: “My desire is that these paintings bring beauty and encouragement to your hearts and homes. They are birthed out of my own time of loss that led me through a dark night of the soul. I found that there are beautiful gifts that can only blossom in the darkness . . . thus this collection of Moonflowers. My hope is that this series will encourage each of you to believe for new beginnings, and that you will be inspired to look for beauty even in the midst of your dark night.” Little did I know that Rachel, a young mother who had recently lost her two-year-old daughter, would find her way to my website. God had also been speaking to her about Moonflowers. While painting this series I created a painting that puzzled me. Even though I was painting Moonflowers, I created this one painting set in daylight, using pink tones and  a path of roses. The painting seemed unusual to me, so when I posted it on my site I put it at the bottom. I entitled it “The Path of Innocence.” Then I received a message from Rachel. She shared how my Moonflower series had comforted her and asked that I consider selling my paintings in her antique store in Chicago. She also shared of losing her baby girl. While reading her message I immediately understood ‘The Path of Innocence’ painting, and I knew it was a gift from God to Rachel. I asked for her address and put in the mail. And then I uttered a prayer of thanks to a Heavenly Father who makes beautiful things bloom in the darkest night. (read part two)
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About Deby Dearman

Deby Dearman
Deby is a passionate creative. Growing up in Italy and Japan, her eyes were opened to culture, beauty, and art. As a student, she began a journey in dance and theater, which led her to the world of modeling with a prestigious agency in Dallas, TX. Deby then stepped into music as a singer/songwriter, along with her husband, Kirk. Together, they have written and published hundreds of songs, including "We Bring the Sacrifice of Praise," a #1 song that has become a classic in Christian Music. They spent 7 years performing across Europe and co-founded Creative Arts Europe, a network of artists who impact culture through the arts. While in Europe, Deby picked up a camera and launched her photography, Photo Art. Her images have been published in books, featured in galleries, and on magazine covers. In the last few years, Deby has encountered vocal problems, so she reached for paints and a palette knife and found her new "voice" through art. She is the founder of Artists Arise, a movement that promotes a renaissance of God-inspired creativity for the purpose of empowering creatives to flourish. Visit Deby's website or Facebook page for more information.


  1. Love this post Deby. You never know who you will touch when you venture along the path of creativity.

  2. Thanks for sharing. Loved your singing and love the songs you paint!

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