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Growing in Our Purpose

Destiny and purpose are funny words because everyone seems to have their own definition of what they mean. Some people say that you have a specific future. Others talk about “changing your fate,” implying that it is in your control to change your destiny. The questions that come to my mind are: Why were we put on this earth and what are we meant to do while living here? I think many teenagers go through a period in their life when they question their true purpose as an individual. Going to school, having friends, and obeying our parents can’t be the things that get us up in the morning. As humans, we long for a sense of belonging and meaning. We search and try to find this feeling of completion in everything we do. In reality though, our purpose for living is only found in a relationship with God. Only in Him will we find our true destiny. Why were we put on this earth? We are called to know Jesus and make Him known. This statement is the core of our purpose as followers of Christ. God created us in His own image. After creating Adam, God realized Adam needed a companion. God saw that Adam was lonely (Genesis 2:1 and He created Eve. We were meant to connect with others and form strong relationships with those around us. In the same way, we are called to a relationship with God. He desperately wants to get to know you better. When you accept Christ into your life, you are forgiven for your sins, and you begin an unending relationship with the living God. Your eternal destiny is heaven, but your earthly purpose is to form a relationship with your Creator. From my own experience, I have realized if I’m not connected to God in meaningful relationship, no other relationship works well. When I get caught up in school, friends, or drama, the end result is usually a very grumpy teenager. Then I begin to question why I can’t seem to find any meaning in my everyday life. God has used these times in my walk of faith to remind me that my focus should be on Him rather than me. I need to be building His kingdom, instead my own. Even if we convince ourselves otherwise, the fact is we all have a tendency to build things that won’t endure. Like sandcastles, these seemingly beautiful structures will be destroyed and forgotten as soon as the tide comes up. Our kingdoms are weak and temporary, but God’s kingdom is strong and eternal. That is why we are called, first and foremost, to a relationship with Him. We grow in HIS kingdom by getting to know our loving Father. God’s grace is an amazing gift and a blessing. Having a relationship with God is the core of our being and our purpose as Christians. This gift, however, also commands us to spread God’s glory. What are we meant to do while living here? Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.  Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age” Matthew 28:18-20. Jesus commanded His disciples to “go and make disciples of all nations.” Through an on-going relationship with Him, they were given their purpose here on earth. You can have the same kind of relationship with God. As you grow closer to Him, He will give you the guidance and reassurance you need to live in your destiny while here on earth. As teenagers, we aren’t normally given the opportunity to go to another country and share our faith. But this doesn’t mean that we are exempt from spreading God’s Kingdom. God has blessed us with incredible opportunities in our own schools, friend groups, and everyday lives. Think about it, we are surrounded by hundreds of other teenagers! These kids are sitting in our math class, eating lunch at the next table, and riding the bus with us everyday. God gives us countless moments where we could tell someone about Jesus. Sharing the gospel is like giving someone a present. God gave it to us, and we are called to share it with others. God will use you to reach the people in your life, and it’s all for His glory. We are able to form a relationship with the living God because of His grace. Growing this relationship and welcoming God into our lives is our destiny. As we grow in our relationship, God changes us, and tells us to go and make disciples. When we live life on purpose,  we will know Jesus and make Him known to those around us.
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About Anna Derby

Anna Derby
Anna is a junior at Upper Merion Area High School. Looking ahead to college, she is considering Messiah College, Liberty University, and other Christian schools. Anna is very involved in her youth group at Hope Community Church and is a leader for the middle school students.


  1. Anna, this is awesome. It was actually really relevant to me today. Thanks for writing it!

  2. You are a bright young lady with a bold and bright future. Your closing paragraph is a perfect summation. As we grow God changes us. What beauty and truth is that statement!

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