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Goodbye From The Kingdom Life Now

The Kingdom Life Now began on a cold February morning when God said to Betty, “I want you to start a women’s online magazine.” It was funny…very funny in fact. At that point she could barely get into her Gmail account without help from her teenagers. How on earth would she create a women’s online magazine? Fortunately, God lead her to two women – Nichole and Stacy – and we began to dream. The final product is a testimony to the power of God and what He can do when women are willing to trust and obey. We weren’t expecting the magazine to grow as fast as it did. The first edition was read in places like Africa, France, and China. We were amazed and stunned as it continued to flourish at lightning speed and we fought to keep up with its success. From the beginning, we realized that our audience wanted to read articles from women who were transparent about the struggles in life. Women (and a few men) who were willing to share about the obstacles they overcame to live the victorious life Christ died to give them. Looking back through the last two years, there’s been a whole lot of ‘messiness’ in our publication. But the beauty God has brought through the abuse, pain, and heartache that some of our contributors have suffered shines through. We’ve been able to gather support for ministries that are making a difference in the world taking care of orphans, feeding the homeless, and freeing human trafficking victims. It’s humbling to know that we (our staff and you, our readers) have had a small part in making a difference in the lives of those who are struggling to survive. Recently God spoke to us again and told us that it is time to let go of The Kingdom Life Now. He told us that He is calling each of us to other things. And sadly, after prayer, we knew He was right. It was time to end the magazine. We are so grateful to the women (and a few brave men) who have contributed to The Kingdom Life Now. They have challenged, blessed, and most of all glorified the Lord with their Kingdom stories. Our goal from the beginning was to be a place where women could share their story. We’ve accomplished our goal over the last two years, and even now we know it will continue. The Kingdom Life Now will stay up, and the resources we’ve gathered will remain in our archives for you to continue to use. We encourage you to find your favorite authors on the web and continue to follow them via their blogs, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Thank you for being a part of The Kingdom Life Now. We value you and the encouragement we’ve received from you throughout our time together. Finally, we want to challenge each of you to live The Kingdom Life Now. It’s not always easy; in fact, it’s downright hard at times. BUT you’ll find it’s the only life worth living. Even though we’re not a part of your everyday life, we remain your faithful friends now and forever. With love, The Staff of The Kingdom Life Now
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  1. It’s sad to know that this magazine will be available after this month. Thank you for all your articles, sharing and ministry … it was a great encouragement and read for me when I stumble your magazine few months ago. Thank you again and God bless you all abundantly… Happy Thanksgiving

  2. You all have done wonderful work and I am sure that you will all be giving more where it is needed.

  3. Thank you for the publications and allowing God to use you to encourage hearts!

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