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When I was asked to write an article about identity I questioned the staff at The Kingdom Life Now.  How could I, who am not yet 18, write about such a big topic? As I pondered the idea, I was reminded what Job 32:7-9 says: I thought, ‘Age should speak; advanced years should teach wisdom.’ But it is the spirit in a man, the breath of the almighty that gives him understanding. It is not only the old that are wise, not only the aged who understands what is right. According to the Bible, understanding comes from the Spirit inside you not your age. With that in mind, I share my story. In my crazy, teenage, Northern Virginia, girl life I don’t have much consistency. Each day dramatically differs from the next. Friends come and go, and good times feel as if they never happened. Two nights ago, I was with my friends, and already it feels as if it is ages away. 2014-01_Image_Consistency1Things become not important or forgotten as I move on to the next hangout, the next friend, and the next fad. Maybe this is just me, but I feel as though words are like leaves in a yard. They are there for an instant and then they are blown away by the wind. However, not all leaves easily blow. The rotten, wet, ugly ones seem to stay longer. As I think of this analogy, I question why the golden-orange leaves don’t stay.  It’s always the moldy leaves, that get buried under all the other pretty leaves, that never seem to go away. They remain hidden until someone comes along and rakes them up. Ugly, hurtful words are like those buried moldy leaves. They stay buried in our minds until someone comes along and uncovers and discards them. 2014-01_Image_Consistency2As a young woman, hurtful words have the power to crush me. Someone might say a simple “You look tired today” and I begin to question myself. I was talking about this with a group of girls the other day. We all agreed that a bunch of people could tell us how great we look, but it’s the one person who makes a negative comment that causes us to be depressed and negative for the rest of the day. Where is the consistency? I can be feeling beautiful throughout the morning and then when I meet my crush and he says nothing about what I look like I feel like a piece of crap. I spend the rest of the day wondering why he didn’t notice me. My identity seems so fickle, so dependent on what others say. I realized that I was looking for my identity in people around me instead of God. But when I started asking God about my identity He showed me this… I saw myself in front of an endless line of people. I bowed down to each one and then walked away. The line was so long I couldn’t see the end of it. Later, Jesus showed me some of the people I was bowing down to. Each one wore a pair of glasses. These were not unimportant people. They were my Dad, my family members, my closest friends, and my closest guy friend. As I looked at them, Jesus reminded me of a saying I had heard a couple days before. “Everyone has glasses on, that shape how they see things. Past sins and experiences have created the glasses they wear. Their perception of you is based on these glasses.” As this flowed through my mind, I saw Jesus through the eyes of my heart. He was clothed in shining white clothes and surrounded by a radiating light (which is how I always see Him…I think it’s because He is so pure). He was looking right at me. I noticed that He wasn’t wearing any glasses. I realized that the way He saw me wasn’t shaped by anything other than His love for me. He saw me for me. The real me. The true me. He didn’t see a distorted version of me the way others view me. 2014-01_Image_Consistency3I realized at that moment that I could trust Him. He defines me. He sees the truth about who I am and what I will become. He throws the old moldy leaves away and replaces them with the most beautiful multi-colored leaves I’ve even seen. My true identity is found in Him alone. So…back to consistency. What is constant? That which is truth…that which cannot be corrupted…Jesus’ Word…His spoken identity of you is constant and will always be the same. You are His. You are beautiful. You are loved.
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About Mikayla Mulgrew

Mikayla Mulgrew
Mikayla Mulgrew is a 17 year old who loves people and is enjoying her senior year. She has dreams to become an actress and model, and would love to someday go back to Ghana, Africa where she has been twice to help with a kid’s camp. Mikayla works currently at a gym and loves anything fluffy.

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  1. Priscilla Tipeni

    WOW Mikayla, I’m tearing up over here!!! Thank you Jesus for her heart, and her transparency. I am His. I am beautiful. I am loved. Amen!!! And the vision of him without distorted lens while the rest of the world looks at us through foggy glasses helped me to paint a picture of him looking at me in my mind. Thank you so much for being raw and sharing some of your personal feelings, it truly touched me and reminds me to look for my Fathers approval daily and not to lose focus and give it to those around me feeling empty in the end. Especially since I’m a social butterfly, and a people person. I can only draw life from him, and I can only get my beautiful multi colored leaves from Him ; )

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