November 2015 Final Issue
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Exposing My Biggest Fear

Bugs. Crabs pinching my feet. Sharks. Sparklers. Snakes. Psychopaths. These are all things (or people) of which I am afraid and don't mind admitting to myself. However, if I am honest, they really aren't my greatest fears. They do not keep ...

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Parenting Kids Into Freedom

Parenting well is the gateway to our future generations. We have the privilege to alter the destiny of the future through our diligence and ability to parent into and out of freedom. Here are a few tips to help you ...

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Growing in Our Purpose

Destiny and purpose are funny words because everyone seems to have their own definition of what they mean. Some people say that you have a specific future. Others talk about “changing your fate,” implying that it is in your control ...

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When I was asked to write an article about identity I questioned the staff at The Kingdom Life Now.  How could I, who am not yet 18, write about such a big topic? As I pondered the idea, I was ...

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Living the Life

What does Living the Life mean to a Christian teenager? The phrase implies a world where your situations are ideal. For a believer this may look like you have it all together with your relationship with Christ. I think teenagers, ...

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