November 2015 Final Issue
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A Season of Becoming


The first time he asked me for my phone number, I said no. Didn’t even hesitate. I knew it wasn’t what I wanted; he didn’t have the same vision of life – of faith – that I did. It wouldn’t ...

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Head vs. Heart Knowledge


Before my conversion, I’d listen to a sermon and think to myself: I know this. And, to be honest, I did know it. After my conversion, my thoughts changed from I know this to The Lord is speaking to me ...

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How To Fail In 10 Easy Steps


I remember the day I stood at the far end of the gym by the weight racks and heard our Crossfit trainer say, “Today, we’re going to learn how to fail.” Excuse me?! I thought, What do you mean, “Learn ...

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Being Brave In Our Inadequacy


I must have watched the movie “Braveheart” at least a dozen times over the last 15 years. There is a particular line in the movie when Mel Gibson’s character, William Wallace, tells the beautiful princess with great certainty–moments before he ...

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How You Became You


“Join us on a journey through the story of how you became, well, YOU!” ( seems like the perfect way to discover your genealogy. Their website provides access to hundreds, if not thousands, of records that offer you a ...

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Where Breakthrough Lies


There is a word in the Hebrew language that I hold dear. It’s foundational. It’s life-changing. It’s where break-through lies. The very essence of the word is what set me free, and it’s the core of not only our victory ...

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Mercy Reaching, Jesus Speaking


Rising panic. I can’t get away. I feel used. I’m dirty. Disposable. There is pain. And darkness. All I see is darkness. Just hurry and get it over with… My eyes flashed open with the clash of conflicting emotion and ...

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Naked and Unashamed


If I could choose two words to describe the history and intended beauty of a woman, they would be: naked and unashamed. Transport yourself with me, back to the time the world was created. The birth of the heavens and ...

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