November 2015 Final Issue
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The Gift of Godly Girlfriendship


It’s the test of any girlfriend relationship: the vacation without husbands or kids or other friends to cushion the shock of twenty-four hours together. On the ocean. In a cabin. For seven days. A cruise to Alaska was something Cindy ...

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Finding Myself In Britain


I didn’t know that the fairy tale would be so hard. After all, my dreams had come true – I had finally found my prince, a man who loved the Lord and loved me. The courtship and engagement whirled past ...

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Why Gather?


I admit it. I still love to gather women. After all these years of serving the local church as a women’s pastor, I still get excited as the cars begin to stream into the parking lot. A smile breaks across ...

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When The World Goes Crazy


I don’t know many things. But if recent events have taught me anything, these two things I know: We live in controversial times. Our world needs Jesus. We’re reminded of this need with each new legislative ruling and celebrity moral ...

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Race And The Church


“Now is the time to lift our nations from the quicksand of racial injustice to the solid rock of brotherhood.” Martin Luther King Quicksand: that’s what writing about race and the church feels like. Where is the rock on which ...

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Grudge, Be Gone


I remember the first fight James and I had as newlyweds. I was not a good cook, but I had acquired a secret weapon to aid my culinary cause: a brand new George Foreman Grill. It looked easy enough – ...

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Sex, Part Deux


Well, I’m back. And I’m talking about sex. Sort of. It was inevitable, really. I know that when I start talking about intimacy apart from sex, and that it’s actually a thing, the questions start rolling like logs on a ...

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What Do You Have To Offer


I almost missed out on friendships with two amazing women because of one ridiculous lie. Two years ago, I noticed a woman at church who had such an inviting face – the kind of smile that draws you in and ...

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Service The Way Jesus Does It


Small children in Sunday School classes are taught about serving others. Sermons have been preached, books have been written, and seminars have been offered on how to serve others. And yet too often, we see serving as a way to ...

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