November 2015 Final Issue
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Appreciation Brightens Change


Every year during the last week of September, my husband begins the process of preparing our pool for its season of rest. After completing the necessary preparations of removing handrails, a diving board and stairs, he hunts me down for ...

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A Testimony About Deeper


“I do not trust that God has my best interest at heart!” Whew, there, I said it! I cried in the arms of Betty Ringeisen at the last DEEPER Conference over this very thing. If I told you how many ...

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Waiting for Jedidiah


The early morning light piercing through the curtain flooded into the room and woke me from my drug-induced sleep. I glanced around the room, momentarily confused by my surroundings. The memory of the previous day spilled into my mind. Desperate ...

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The Key to Being Victorious


Sixteen months have gone by since my husband took his life one fateful day in November. Ours was the perfect love story, but somewhere along the line things went terribly wrong. My husband got very sick, dissociating from me and ...

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More Coffee Please


Have you seen the quote floating around Instagram and Pinterest these days? “All I need is a little bit of coffee and a whole lot of Jesus.” While I don’t necessarily believe that is theologically sound, I can relate to ...

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Removing the Blinders


Even though I grew up in a period of great political and social upheaval, little of it filtered through me. I have no recollection of racism or racial incidents from elementary school through college. Forced integration had happened. I attended ...

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The Promise Of Pearls


There is a sweet moment when you first wake up; a moment when your mind hasn’t caught up with your heart. It’s a moment when heartache has yet to permeate your thoughts. On Christmas morning in 1996, I wanted that ...

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Are Screens Stressing Your Kids Out


Kurt and Leslie have two children, ages nine and eleven. Their good friends have children the same age who have televisions in their rooms. As a result, Kurt and Leslie’s kids were constantly asking if they could have televisions too. ...

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Inspired By Nancy Drew


When I was young, I loved Nancy Drew books. I consumed them faster than a canister of Pringles potato chips. The plots were suspenseful and Nancy was an inspiration. I dreamed of being just like her. She was an assertive ...

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