November 2015 Final Issue
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Next Generation

A Journey Of Obedience

Right now I am on a journey of obedience. A crazy, thrilling ride of saying, “YES!” to whatever God has in store for me. Through this journey I’ve learned God is good. I have also realized that He is not ...

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Exposing My Biggest Fear

Bugs. Crabs pinching my feet. Sharks. Sparklers. Snakes. Psychopaths. These are all things (or people) of which I am afraid and don't mind admitting to myself. However, if I am honest, they really aren't my greatest fears. They do not keep ...

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Life From A Kid’s Point Of View

Let me start out by saying this: most parents underestimate kids. But we really aren't that different. For starters, my mom is always telling me that my dad does the same things as me. In the Bible, there are many ...

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