November 2015 Final Issue
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Hearing God

Dream On


The other night, one of my mentors took me on a tour of an old building he plans to renovate. As we walked through the dilapidated building, he told me of his plans to rebuild. He spoke with great joy ...

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Breaking Down Cultural Prejudice


A few years ago, I had the opportunity to visit Israel and Palestine. Today most Westerners avoid adding many of the historical sites located in Palestine to their Holy Land Itinerary because they fear the violence there. But the group ...

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The Seven-Step Dance To Freedom


One day, while driving to work, a song came on the radio. Knowing the song well, I began to sing along. I had never had any qualms with the words or intent, but this time was different. For the first ...

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Obedience and Belief


When I was a little boy my grandmother bought me a small mirror with the words, “Believe and all things are possible” etched into the glass. It was a tiny gift, no more than a couple of inches on each ...

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Prison Is Not Just A Location


Surreal… As I exited the car and began walking up the cold stone path, I could not believe I was back after all these years. The light gray buildings, the tall fence and the barbwire at the top made it ...

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The Voice of the Father


Are you in great despair, beloved one? Do you feel like there is no answer for what you are going through? That you have no way out…no future? Oh, My love, there is. I created you, and when I did, ...

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The Voice Of The Father


I have an investment in you, such a huge investment in you. One of time, love, and sacrifice. You are familiar with the Sacrifice but not the pain and suffering behind it. The pain you feel over losses, even the ...

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Why The Battle Is Worth Fighting


I thought it was a simple question. “God, I have no idea what You could possibly want me to write about “women at war”…but if there is something You would have me say, would You please tell me what it ...

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The Cave


I found myself lost in a cave. I guess I had been drawn there to escape the wandering and the overwhelming sense that I could not find my way. I had lost my way because of the hurt that I ...

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Keep Calm Build Bridges


It was a hot summer afternoon and I had just finished my shift as a short order cook/waitress. I had worked this same job throughout high school and during college breaks when I was home. One last summer course was ...

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Take My Hand


Take My hand and walk with Me to the other side of your grief and fears. Be a child again. Walk beside Me and trust Me. You never used to worry about where you were going when you were a ...

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