November 2015 Final Issue
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The Wailing Wall

Do you feel the need to weep and mourn at times? That you need a safe place to let out your heartbreak, angst, and disappointment? The Western Wall – known commonly as the Wailing Wall – in Jerusalem has served ...

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Journeying Through The Pain

A walk with my dogs gives me a picture of two opposite ways to view the world. Digory, the older one, a terrier mix, is fearful and neurotic. He's just a mess. Dobby is our cockapoo puppy, just learning how to ...

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Bahamian Flag

Recently my daughter lost her flag. For most of us, this is really kind of a non-event. Just basically a no-big-deal kind of a thing. But in the world of Autism, it is earth-shattering. You see, Autistic individuals tend to ...

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From Grief to Healing

I’m a pastor’s kid, which means, I’ve been in church since before I was born. In fact, I can’t remember a time when God wasn’t a part of my life. I grew up with a great sense of His presence ...

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