November 2015 Final Issue
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Shine The Light


Why in the world does aging as a woman promote hair growth in all the wrong places? This is one of those questions that I will immediately ask Jesus about upon arrival. Yes. Along with many spiritual things, I will ...

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Confessing and Receiving at the Cross


Ever the “good student,” I engaged with the exercise, rattling off the negative traits I wanted to change: critical controlling distant bossy independent impatient intolerant I made the list but then didn’t know what to do with it. I hadn’t ...

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Creating Powerful Female Relationships


Powerful women have always been my heroes. Even as a little girl, I had the sneaking suspicion that women were supposed to be amazing. After all, I grew up in the era of Police Woman, Charlie’s Angels, and Wonder Woman. ...

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An Acrobat With A Destiny


I walked into my eleventh grade English class and took my assigned seat. Mr. Perrault sat silently at his desk. The whole school was aware of what had happened to his family. Today was his first day back since the ...

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Daughter of The King


We live in a culture where an inordinate amount of money is spent for the purpose of defining our personal identity. The front lines of this identity battle is conceived in marketing departments and then fought in television and print ...

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The Shepherd’s Voice


Baaaaa! Once you get chickens it’s a slippery slope to other farm animals . . . or so I’m told. Besides the assortment of dogs that are always around, Conlee and I have had between six and twelve chickens for ...

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The Orphan Within Us


Origins The opening scenes of the Holy Scriptures are that of Adam and Eve in a Garden with direct connection and relationship with the Lord God (Father, Creator). They have no concerns about food, clothing, housing, survival, death or any ...

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