November 2015 Final Issue
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Goodbye From The Kingdom Life Now


The Kingdom Life Now began on a cold February morning when God said to Betty, “I want you to start a women’s online magazine.” It was funny…very funny in fact. At that point she could barely get into her Gmail ...

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Stepping Into The True Self


I’m standing before my old high school. It’s been ten years since I touched the door. But to heal the old pain we must face it again So I’ll walk down that hallway once more. I have come to this ...

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Power In Parable Series (5 of 7)


This is an invitation to journey through the parables. This will be a series that runs over the course of many issues. Please click here  for all the articles in the Power In Parable series.   Jesus was masterful at telling a story (parable) ...

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Don’t Waste Your Summer


I think it’s interesting that we refer to time as something to be spent, as if it is a type of currency. When we choose to spend our time one way, we are also choosing how we are not going ...

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Life Adjustments


On his way home, my husband Daniel asked about my weekend. I recounted tales of birthday parties and soccer games, bedtime tantrums, bickering at the beach, and pizza eaten in the bed of a pickup truck. “So, you spent your ...

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The Key to Being Victorious


Sixteen months have gone by since my husband took his life one fateful day in November. Ours was the perfect love story, but somewhere along the line things went terribly wrong. My husband got very sick, dissociating from me and ...

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The Color of Love


When the editors of The Kingdom Life Now approached me about writing an article about racism and the Kingdom, I readily accepted. Now I’m second-guessing myself. As we’ve seen in recent weeks and months, just the very mention of the ...

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A Thrilling Invitation


“Jesus, please make me uncomfortable.” Wait, where did that come from? How did that slip out? Let’s try this again. “Jesus, please give me all the things I want, at the proper time that I have appointed, and please try ...

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The Power Of Waiting


Life requires that we wait—sometimes solo. The very thought of it can undo us, especially if we’re suffering. We wait for a diagnosis. We wait to heal from the loss of a betrayal. We wait to recover from the death ...

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Growing Into The Largeness Of Marriage


But Jesus said, “Not everyone is mature enough to live a married life. It requires a certain aptitude and grace. Marriage isn’t for everyone. Some, from birth seemingly, never give marriage a thought. Others never get asked—or accepted. And some ...

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Empowering Women in Leadership


Sometimes I wonder if the topic of women in leadership is the “final frontier” of our day. (Now just for fun, imagine my best Star Trek voice.) These are the voyages of women everywhere. Their lifetime mission: to explore strange ...

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