November 2015 Final Issue
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I sat down to write this article the day after my uncle died. He was my mother’s only sibling. My mother is deeply saddened he is no longer here and mourns with his wife and children, but she knows he ...

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Life Adjustments


On his way home, my husband Daniel asked about my weekend. I recounted tales of birthday parties and soccer games, bedtime tantrums, bickering at the beach, and pizza eaten in the bed of a pickup truck. “So, you spent your ...

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Bobcats In The Road


Sometimes you drive down the road and pass a bobcat. True story Six or so years ago, my son and I traveled down a busy road in Keller, Texas. Lounged in the middle of a four lane thoroughfare, as if ...

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Embracing This Season


Moms, I get it. I really do. Our plates are full with diapers and car pools, baby food and homework help, cleaning toilets and going to the grocery store (or is that just me?). These are the Really Important Things ...

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The Silver Bowl


About ten years ago on Easter, my sister, Sara, announced that she would bring a very special friend to  lunch. Sara is eleven years younger than me, and she was a premature baby. This produced an over-protective older sister. It ...

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My Daddy’s Heart


Tick… Tick… Tick… Boom-boom… Boom-boom… Boom-boom… Tick… Tick… Boom-boom… Boom-boom… The clock told the time as it ticked with each swing of the pendulum. One a.m., but I did not care. I smiled. There was another sound in the room ...

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Related By Chance, Family By Choice


“Do you know the two most important duties of the mother of the groom?” My friend quizzed me on my upcoming role. “I’m not certain I do. This is my first MOG moment, you know.” “It’s fairly simple. Wear beige ...

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Raising Mommy


Last week I was getting Zack ready to go to Sci-Quest for the second time in three days. My boy loves science. He walked into Sci-Quest and stood in front of the giant marble run for fifteen minutes. He was ...

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The Joy of Rollercoasters


I love roller coasters. I love all kinds: suspension, steel, wooden, stand-up…you name it, I’ll ride it. I grew up in southwestern Pennsylvania, where at least one summer trip to Kennywood Park each year was a must. My brother and ...

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