November 2015 Final Issue
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What’s Your Brand

The other day I walked into Walmart to get dessert for a women’s luncheon (please don’t judge me – it was the best use of my time). Walmart’s brand, “Save Money Live Better”, was posted everywhere. It’s easy to remember. It’s ...

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Tis So Sweet To Trust

I am humbled today. Humbled at the fact that the same God who tells the seas where to stop and who commands the morning sun to appear loves me with an everlasting love. The same God that laid the foundation of the earth ...

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The Victory of the Cross

As we approach Easter, many of us are observing Lent in some way, either by participating in an act of self-deprivation or by dedicating ourselves to Bible study and prayer. We do these things to remind ourselves of the sacrifice ...

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More Trust in 2015

I looked 90 years old. Here I was in beautiful Colorado, and I needed an oxygen tank in a fanny pack strapped to my side because I was literally gasping for air. Utterly exasperated, I knew I looked ridiculous. I ...

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