November 2015 Final Issue
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Time To Shine


We are both ready to commit to the sweet dreams of steady slumber, but there is an important promise to seal over the day. I ask my seven year-old daughter one last question as I tuck her down into a ...

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The Naked House


I pass by a beautiful white house daily. It is a majestic, two story, white brick masterpiece situated on a flat two acre lot. We watched the construction process and knew it would be stunning. When it was finished it ...

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Accountability Brings Clarity


My husband, Pat, has carried a pedometer in his pocket for years, and once I saw the commercial for the Fitbit fitness tracker, I decided it might make a great birthday gift for the guy who isn’t always easy to ...

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I sat down to write this article the day after my uncle died. He was my mother’s only sibling. My mother is deeply saddened he is no longer here and mourns with his wife and children, but she knows he ...

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Hang On, Girl


The Saul-to-Paul conversion-type testimonies have always captivated me. God’s transforming love gets me every time. Seeing the metamorphosis is a beautiful experience. But that is not my story, folks. No, when I was five, I repented of little girl sins ...

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How Does Your Garden Grow


Mary, Mary, quite contrary how does your gardenia grow? How should I put this? Not well. I bought several gardenia bushes, planted them in my back yard, and each subsequently died. I live in Northwest Arkansas and the winter weather ...

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Gaining Wisdom For The Future


I have been married for five years. Although we don’t have children yet, God sometimes gives me precious glimpses into the hearts of my children-to-be. Jeremiah 1:5 says, even though they haven’t been formed in my womb yet, God already ...

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Hallowed Is Your Name


Do you have a nickname? I have several friends named Kim. Short name, only three letters. But one likes to be called Kimba, and another prefers Kimmy. One uses her full name, Kimberly, and yes, one does prefer Kim. My ...

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Love In A Different Mirror


Several years ago when my younger sister was pregnant with twins, I was invited to a baby shower in her honor. It was held at a small church in Northwest Arkansas, but when we arrived we found the facility had ...

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For Such A Time


You were created with a God-given, for-such-a-time-as-this purpose. There are people waiting on the other side of your obedience. People who need you to be brave with your life so they can be brave with theirs. Doing what He calls ...

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The Season of Thankfulness


“Enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise; give thanks to Him; bless His Name.” (Psalm 100:4, ESV) I always get nervous when someone asks me to share my testimony. I never know where to begin. If I ...

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Thankful For The Hard Names


This is not a guilt-ridden article on how thankful we should be for what we have. How women in third-world countries are sweeping dirt floors and patching thatched roofs. How children stand in line for a cup of milk distributed ...

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