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Margo Bodishbaugh
Margo is a writer, speaker, and actress. She lives in Northwest Arkansas with her husband, Matt, of twenty-six years, and has three daughters. Her mission is to encourage women in their relationship with Christ through creative communication. She is passionate about being intentional, and she’s at work on her first novel.

What’s Your Brand

The other day I walked into Walmart to get dessert for a women’s luncheon (please don’t judge me – it was the best use of my time). Walmart’s brand, “Save Money Live Better”, was posted everywhere. It’s easy to remember. It’s ...

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The Naked House

I pass by a beautiful white house daily. It is a majestic, two story, white brick masterpiece situated on a flat two acre lot. We watched the construction process and knew it would be stunning. When it was finished it ...

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I sat down to write this article the day after my uncle died. He was my mother’s only sibling. My mother is deeply saddened he is no longer here and mourns with his wife and children, but she knows he ...

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How Does Your Garden Grow

Mary, Mary, quite contrary how does your gardenia grow? How should I put this? Not well. I bought several gardenia bushes, planted them in my back yard, and each subsequently died. I live in Northwest Arkansas and the winter weather ...

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Love In A Different Mirror

Several years ago when my younger sister was pregnant with twins, I was invited to a baby shower in her honor. It was held at a small church in Northwest Arkansas, but when we arrived we found the facility had ...

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The Silver Bowl

About ten years ago on Easter, my sister, Sara, announced that she would bring a very special friend to  lunch. Sara is eleven years younger than me, and she was a premature baby. This produced an over-protective older sister. It ...

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