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Kerrie Oles
Kerri loves traveling and speaking to women from all backgrounds and helping them come to understand their value as a daughter to the King. Her passion is to help women be revived from the pains of their past; making her messages relevant and empowering. She authored her first book with her mother, in 2009 called, "Invisible Chains," and her newest book is "Revived: From the Me I Used to Be." She has been married to her husband, Phillip, for 15 years and they have two wonderful boys, Caleb and Cameron. They are active members at Gateway Church in TX, where she serves on the freedom team. Her website is:

More Trust in 2015

I looked 90 years old. Here I was in beautiful Colorado, and I needed an oxygen tank in a fanny pack strapped to my side because I was literally gasping for air. Utterly exasperated, I knew I looked ridiculous. I ...

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Prison Is Not Just A Location

Surreal… As I exited the car and began walking up the cold stone path, I could not believe I was back after all these years. The light gray buildings, the tall fence and the barbwire at the top made it ...

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Shine The Light

Why in the world does aging as a woman promote hair growth in all the wrong places? This is one of those questions that I will immediately ask Jesus about upon arrival. Yes. Along with many spiritual things, I will ...

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