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Jon Ackerman
Jon is a Midwestern transplant who now lives in Sterling, Virginia, with his amazing wife Brooke and their three dogs. He has taught world history to high schoolers for the last 10 years, and enjoys filling his spare hours with international travel, reading, hunting, and riding his motorcycle (when it’s working).

Better Than Laundry

“Okay, Jon, now try it on your own.” I’ve heard that encouragement as I learned to ride a bike, catch a fish, read a book, paint a room, or any other one of the hundreds of tasks and skills and ...

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Resenting God’s Generosity

I’ve come to better appreciate three realizations in the last few months. I really can’t achieve a “life to the full” (John 10:10) on my own. I need God. A life to the full really can’t be achieved through a ...

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Carmel With Jesus

“We should get together for coffee sometime.” Confession: I don’t drink coffee. I’ve never had more than a couple of sips in my entire life (and I’m a teacher!). I love the smell but can’t stand the taste. I have ...

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A Thrilling Invitation

“Jesus, please make me uncomfortable.” Wait, where did that come from? How did that slip out? Let’s try this again. “Jesus, please give me all the things I want, at the proper time that I have appointed, and please try ...

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Obedience and Belief

When I was a little boy my grandmother bought me a small mirror with the words, “Believe and all things are possible” etched into the glass. It was a tiny gift, no more than a couple of inches on each ...

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The Hero & The Sidekick

Imagine the classic movie scene where the hero is dangling from a cliff’s edge. You’ve seen it a hundred times. Fingers straining to find a crack, a niche, anything to cling to. Sweat dripping, the strong, confident visage suddenly overcome ...

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Why The Battle Is Worth Fighting

I thought it was a simple question. “God, I have no idea what You could possibly want me to write about “women at war”…but if there is something You would have me say, would You please tell me what it ...

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Who Am I?

Who am I? Who do I want to be? When my mother talks about my younger brother and me, she often comments to others that she is incredibly proud to have raised two “gentlemen.” She often follows that sentence with ...

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