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Jan Greenwood
Jan is an integral part of the Pink team, helping to lead an amazing group of women who develop opportunities and resources for the women of Gateway Church, including Pink Impact. She speaks, writes, and ministers on issues related to women, leadership, and healing. She is also a breast cancer survivor who shares freely about her experience and encourages others to navigate with faith in difficult times. She became a part of a project of the National Breast Cancer Foundation called Beyond the Shock, where she is featured as a documentary participant, sharing insights and perspectives as a cancer survivor. Jan and her husband, Mark, have been married for 29 years and have four children.

Why Gather?

I admit it. I still love to gather women. After all these years of serving the local church as a women’s pastor, I still get excited as the cars begin to stream into the parking lot. A smile breaks across ...

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Empowering Women in Leadership

Sometimes I wonder if the topic of women in leadership is the “final frontier” of our day. (Now just for fun, imagine my best Star Trek voice.) These are the voyages of women everywhere. Their lifetime mission: to explore strange ...

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Creating Powerful Female Relationships

Powerful women have always been my heroes. Even as a little girl, I had the sneaking suspicion that women were supposed to be amazing. After all, I grew up in the era of Police Woman, Charlie’s Angels, and Wonder Woman. ...

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