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Deby Dearman
Deby is a passionate creative. Growing up in Italy and Japan, her eyes were opened to culture, beauty, and art. As a student, she began a journey in dance and theater, which led her to the world of modeling with a prestigious agency in Dallas, TX. Deby then stepped into music as a singer/songwriter, along with her husband, Kirk. Together, they have written and published hundreds of songs, including "We Bring the Sacrifice of Praise," a #1 song that has become a classic in Christian Music. They spent 7 years performing across Europe and co-founded Creative Arts Europe, a network of artists who impact culture through the arts. While in Europe, Deby picked up a camera and launched her photography, Photo Art. Her images have been published in books, featured in galleries, and on magazine covers. In the last few years, Deby has encountered vocal problems, so she reached for paints and a palette knife and found her new "voice" through art. She is the founder of Artists Arise, a movement that promotes a renaissance of God-inspired creativity for the purpose of empowering creatives to flourish. Visit Deby's website or Facebook page for more information.

I Knew It Was A Gift From God (part 1)

After losing my ability to sing three years ago, darkness became a constant companion. After years of traveling, singing, and writing songs with my husband, my song had been stolen. Darkness enveloped my days until a friend suggested I find a ...

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The Power of the Arts

Why are the arts important in the scheme of things? Our world is upside down. We’re bombarded by images of murder, war, earthquakes, and terrorism on a daily basis. The soul of our nation is wounded. Many are simply trying ...

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