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Beth Holmes
Beth Holmes is a God-follower, wife, and mom of one very entertaining four-year-old boy. Beth lives in Owensboro, Kentucky where she works hard to squeeze in time for writing, reading, music, gardening, and lots of coffee-drinking as the means to retain her sanity. When she was a little girl, she told her dad she wanted to be a writer someday, and blogging has become the fulfillment of that childhood dream. You can read more about her adventures at

Don’t Waste Your Summer

I think it’s interesting that we refer to time as something to be spent, as if it is a type of currency. When we choose to spend our time one way, we are also choosing how we are not going ...

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The Victory of the Cross

As we approach Easter, many of us are observing Lent in some way, either by participating in an act of self-deprivation or by dedicating ourselves to Bible study and prayer. We do these things to remind ourselves of the sacrifice ...

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Embracing This Season

Moms, I get it. I really do. Our plates are full with diapers and car pools, baby food and homework help, cleaning toilets and going to the grocery store (or is that just me?). These are the Really Important Things ...

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Service The Way Jesus Does It

Small children in Sunday School classes are taught about serving others. Sermons have been preached, books have been written, and seminars have been offered on how to serve others. And yet too often, we see serving as a way to ...

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