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Amy Boucher Pye
Amy Boucher Pye is a writer, speaker, editor, and reviewer. An American living in the UK, she is the author of Finding Myself in Britain: Our Search for Faith, Hope & True Identity (Authentic Media), releasing in October. She blogs at and tweets at @AmyBoucherPye.

Finding Myself In Britain

I didn’t know that the fairy tale would be so hard. After all, my dreams had come true – I had finally found my prince, a man who loved the Lord and loved me. The courtship and engagement whirled past ...

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The Wailing Wall

Do you feel the need to weep and mourn at times? That you need a safe place to let out your heartbreak, angst, and disappointment? The Western Wall – known commonly as the Wailing Wall – in Jerusalem has served ...

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Confessing and Receiving at the Cross

Ever the “good student,” I engaged with the exercise, rattling off the negative traits I wanted to change: critical controlling distant bossy independent impatient intolerant I made the list but then didn’t know what to do with it. I hadn’t ...

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