November 2015 Final Issue
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Nichole Toms

Nichole is originally from Louisiana, home of Cajun cooking and the bayou. Her husband, Joshua, would describe her as sweet and spicy. She has moved around her entire life, living in 7 different states, but she now resides in Virginia with her husband (whom she met in college) and two children. Nichole is a graphic designer, worship leader, musician, song-writer, and self-proclaimed comedian. She has been creating art and playing music from the time she was a child. At the age of 21, the Lord instilled in her heart the call as a worship leader. Today, she leads and serves on the worship team at Christian Fellowship Church.
Her passion is to encourage women to draw near to the Father's heart through worship and the creative arts and to walk the journey of freedom into their true identity and destiny. She loves to meet her girlfriends for coffee or any food outing to share life's experiences together in The Kingdom of God. Nichole values the importance of love, life, truth, worship, and laughter.
Just a few of Nichole’s Favorite Things: Books'Journey to Wholeness in Christ,' by Signa Bodisbaugh (a 40 day devotion that changed her life). 'Becoming Who You Are,' by Dallas Willard (more about identity). 'Journey of Desire,' by John Eldridge. 'Soul Print,' by Mark Batterson (explains identity and destiny through the life of David). 'The Power of Your Words,' by Robert Morris. 'Experiencing Father's Embrace,' by Jack Frost. Her dream is to have her own home library of wall-to-wall books and music where she could sneak off for quiet moments of sanity solitude. Music – It's difficult to pick just a few!! Christy Nockels, Heather Williams, Brooke Fraser, Britt Nicole, Group One Crew, Shane & Shane, Hyper Static Union, Kerrie Roberts, NewWorldSon, Jesus Culture, TobyMac, Robbie Seay Band, Dara Maclean, and Hillsong United. (This list could seriously go on and on...) She also enjoys 80's and 90's music and realizes that she unfortunately knows all the lyrics to too many rap songs! You can't touch this... TV Downton Abbey, Duck Dynasty, Sherlock, Beach Volleyball, the occasional football game, the Olympic Games (when it is on), and old Friends and Seinfeld episodes. For the most part, she would much rather enjoy the quiet moments to read, write, or play music. Movies – Shawshank Redemption (she loves a story about prisoners getting free), Office Space (classic office nonsense), Braveheart (especially the line where William Wallace is shouting Freedom!!), The Help, Amazing Love, Sister Act (what's not to love about nuns rocking out in church), 13 Going On 30, and Miss Congeniality. She will watch most movies with Julia Roberts, Jennifer Garner, and Sandra Bullock. Her movie tastes are very eclectic ranging from sappy love stories to superheros...let's all have a good cry and then go out and save the world! Moment in life – The first time she stepped on stage to lead worship with a full female band! That was a dream come true. (Of course, this moment is followed by her wedding and births of her children). <Click to view Nichole's articles>