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18 Inches

My world is 18 inches My life is a face I live and breathe her love for me Across that 18 inch space My world is 18 inches My future in her hands For I am always asking her Of my soul and its demands And when she is not present As time and space go by I lose my deepest connection My soul beginning shy And if she forgets that 18 inches Are the measure of a life I begin to believe the lies And my world is full of strife I believe that I'm unworthy I believe that I'm unclean I think you are far away I think that I'm not seen And so I begin my life with vows That I must find Life in other things And I leave the face behind I vow to make the best of it To live on other means To fill my utter emptiness With what my world will bring And like a tree growing badly My shape is bent, not true And I am filled with loneliness Cause I'm really missing you Till one day, I sense something deep You pull me close, You want to stay at 18 But that will never do I do not matter, I say I do not even exist! I cannot be this close My hand becomes a fist I run, I run away From the shame and the guilt I feel I believed the lies for so long I do not know you're real But soon the tears start falling I know I need you now My ears are really open I forsake all my vows Broken, I can hear you Broken, I can see Broken, I can come back home Broken, I can be Life in 18 inches Life so close to you Life in all its colors Life in you is true And so, I make a new vow To keep on coming to you No matter what is happening Even though I don't know how Life comes across 18 inches We cannot deny the truth - It is the distance of a whisper My child, I love you
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About Paul Mulgrew

Paul Mulgrew
Paul Mulgrew lives in Sterling, Virginia with his very Italian wife of 28 years. Paul and Tina have two boys and three girls. He enjoys writing and teaching. Paul first came to Christ in college, through the witness of his wife when they were "just friends." He came into the freedom journey through a ministry of his local church, and is excited to make his contribution to the work of freedom. Paul also enjoys hiking, and he is a bike commuter year round.

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